Event technology planning

ALP-Media theoretically checks what works in practice

What happened if? If we want to feel Purple Rain. If Mozart should sound very powerful. When historical images will point to the future. If... we know your idea, we'll play it through. State-of-the-art digital technology and many years of experience help us with this. We use Vectorworks CAD to record the room and the terrain. Stage construction, furniture, program schedule, number of guests: All components are included in our calculations.

The result is impressive. You will receive a plan that coordinates light, image and sound with your event. Corrections? Optimization? Now is the right moment to make the event even better. Thanks to digitization, we make costs, timing and quality transparent. Our planning tool also has interfaces to other service partners. We speak one language - the job can start.

We focus on security

The risk analysis is part of it for us from the very first moment. We ask what danger can arise and how we can prevent it. Is there a residual risk? The personal protective equipment - PPE - is of course at the start of every project. The entire ALP-Media team regularly takes part in further training. These are, for example, certifications by our manufacturers for the proper and effective use of modern technology. This also includes the measures for the further training of our employees to become master craftsmen.

Speaking of security: we also prevent data crashes ... for the planning and implementation of an event, we need sensitive data from you in advance. This information is stored in our system in a project-related, professional manner and is inaccessible to third parties. Once the project is complete, we will agree with you which data is still relevant for the future and what we will securely delete.

ALP-Media plans what is essential

When the factory hall becomes a ballroom: We plan lighting, sound reinforcement and projection according to your intentions. The situation in a theater requires individual technical arrangements that differ from a product presentation in an exhibition hall.

It's always about communication. And it is always about the adequate technical transmission of the content. From the shareholders' meeting to the festival community: ALP-Media masters the technical staging of your message ... because we can, want and love it.

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