Execution of event technology

Routine is sexy

Thanks to precise planning, everything runs like clockwork on site - or should we say "hand in hand". Trained specialists form a talented team at ALP-Media. It gets down to business, is flexible and reliable. When it comes to occupational safety, we are at least as careful as when checking the material. In many situations there is simply no second chance.

The handle has to be right, the allocation of lines has to be right, so the schedule doesn't put us under pressure. In this context, routine means security – not boredom. Your guests experience surprising effects in a pleasant way because our team members are simply experienced.

ALP-Media - because precision is the mother of creativity

All technical components are recorded in one system at ALP-Media and their "life cycle" is visible. Every - really every - device is electrically tested by us immediately after purchase, coded and tested again before use. In this way, we can quickly track down a fault or wear and tear.

We save ourselves tedious and time-consuming trial and error through precise warehousing. When it comes to the job, we need a little more time because each part is scanned and only then goes into the transport box. We not only love our job, but also our nerves.

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