Erweiterung: neue Zentrale für anspruchsvolle Livebilder

Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K

In order to meet the growing demands, we have invested in a modern and flexible image control room. With our Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K we can implement all tasks of the upcoming projects. With 40x 12G SDI inputs and 24x 12G SDI outputs, this central device manages all sources and sinks in full 4K resolution. With 4 mixing layers and a large number of mixing effects, the creation of impressive images is possible.

Blackmagic ATEM 2M/E Advanced Panel

The Constellation is controlled by our new ATEM 2M/E Advanced Panel. This gives direct access to 2 mixing layers and a large number of functions and effects. This way, dynamic content can be controlled precisely and called up exactly to the point. Also the control of VTR content is possible and we create exact transitions for feeds and fade-ins.

The Author

Simon Faust

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