When the hobby becomes a job

At that time

we went to high school and you can say: we learned for life. For school performances with theatre, music or ballet, we enthusiastically provided the sound, light and image. At some point we were even given the key to the school. We have not disappointed the trust. Our reward: belief in our own abilities and team spirit. Since then, we have known that creativity wins through technology and that it is the same the other way around.


we draw from experience that is constantly growing. We founded our company in 1997 while we were still studying. Nobody was employed for a day. Professional independence has felt good to us ever since. So good that we inspire our employees to do it. They act responsibly, confidently and respectfully. Then as now we live and work in Leverkusen Schlebusch. This gives us stability in an extremely dynamic business. And that builds trust among our customers. The regional medium-sized companies as well as global companies based here appreciate the cooperation. Whether it's an idea or a problem: We'll be there in no time and get involved.

Also in the future

we will search and find the interfaces. We are not technical idiots but project crazy people. We have never looked at components such as the microphone, lamp and speaker in isolation. For us, digital technology is part of it - that's the only way it makes sense. We will always develop complete solutions with event technology and media technology and make communication better. We are so free...

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